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Edward Hopper and his Art – Painting in Words

Edward Hopper was born in Nyack, New Jersey, a yacht building centre north of New York City. He showed talent in painting in art early on and was actively encouraged by his parents. He eventually joined the New York School of Art but his parents persuaded him to study commercial art as it was more likely to yield a living. Like most creative people, he hated being enslaved to the commercial world and made three trips to Europe, mostly spent in Paris. The influence of Degas is noticeable in some of his earlier work. Many of his paintings show windows as if looking out or looking into life and people’s souls. They have a quality of a cinema still, real thinking characters portrayed on the movie screen of life. Now what has Edward Hopper the artist to do with these writing, you may ask? I’ll tell you a story about that. My daughter introduced me to the paintings of this great artist. He captured an aspect of life in America in the thirties and forties in his work and I really fell in love with these interesting paintings. In 2005 I was travelling the East Coast of America with my husband and we stopped over at a friend’s place near Washington DC. We’d been discussing Hopper and his work while our friend cooked us the most delicious scrambled eggs for breakfast. Maybe they helped my brain power because I then had the idea to write short stories to fit these wonderful, cinematic pictures. Once this idea came to mind the stories flowed out and I hope to add more to them as time goes on. Here’s the list of stories:

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